Valencia, the third largest city in Spain with a population of about 800,000 people, is located directly on the Mediterranean. Compared to the rainy weather in the northern parts of the country and to the heat waves of over 40º C in the south, Valencia enjoys almost a perfect climate, where the sun shines an average of 320 days a year. A mild winter and a not-too-hot summer combine to put the annual average temperature at 18º C.

With a coastline of more than 485 km, the area of Valencia has some of Europe's finest beaches.

Valencia has one of the most pleasant climates in Europe, with mild winters, hot summers and over 300 days of sun every year!
Its transport network (airport, port, motorways, trains...) connect Valencia with anywhere else in the world.
The city is host to some of the most important sporting events; the GP Valencia Street Circuit (Formula 1), the Motorbike GP championship, the Valencia Open (Tennis), the Americas Cup...
Valencia offers a huge selection of attractions and cultural sites: museums, historic monuments, parks & gardens, concerts, theatre, hotels, art galleries, festivals, golf courses, conferences, shopping centres, markets, tours by horse and carriage... It is a lively city!
Theme parks, an open air zoo, the best aquarium in Europe, 3D cinemas, IMAX, a hands-on science museum... the most cutting edge places for fun and leisure are in Valencia!
Its traditional celebrations are incredible sights: bonfires, fireworks, art, music Fallas! Renowned festivals of international tourist interest.
Valencia has excellent Universities of worldwide prestige. Because of this many of our students continue their studies at one of these: Universidad Politécnica, Universidad de Medicina...
You must try the food: paella, ‘arròs a banda’, ‘arrós amb fesols i naps’, ‘all-i-pebre’, ‘fartons’, ‘orxata’... mediterranean delights with a unique flavour.
Valencia is surrounded by kilometres and kilometres of beaches with crystal clear water and fresh air. The beaches are known and loved by people from all over the Mediterranean.
The Valencian people are known for their good nature. Come and get to know us!