Sulaiman Al Fahim.

On behalf of the group, please accept my warmest greetings.

Al-Fahim Investment Group aspires to be an ideal business partner and a leading multi-disciplinary investment conglomerate in the region. We strive to systematically identify and capitalize upon innovative and profitable ventures. In view of the magnitude and continuum of the group’s activities, we are well positioned to leverage the benefits of a striving economy. We perceive Al-Fahim Investment Group subsidiaries as constantly adapting to the rapidly changing market and technologies. Today’s best is a benchmark that we must surpass tomorrow.

Al-Fahim Investment Group’s philosophy remains focused on enhancing the company’s brand equity by employing the latest technologies, innovative strategies and, above all, by displaying commitment towards our communities. Al-Fahim Investment Group will continue providing operational excellence, exemplary leadership and a rewarding and stimulating environment for our employees. With a progressive approach towards infinite growth opportunities, Al-Fahim Investment Group is determined to secure its distinguished leadership position and in doing so, lead by example.

Excellence is not the final destination, it is an endless journey.

Mr.Sulaiman Al-Fahim

Who is he ?

1 Dr Sulaiman Al-Fahim, has a family background in real estate and went into the industry himself aged 18.

2 He has studied at American business schools, receiving his PhD in Real Estate Investment and an MBA in Finance and Real Estate from Kogod School of Business from the American Universtity in Washington DC.

3 He founded Hydra Properties in 2005 promising 'to be different' - the policy paid off as his company signed $2billion worth of projects in the first two years to become one of the region's fastest growing property companies.

4 They have projects underway in Mexico, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, including a Golf Walk complex near Al Raha Beach - could be a nice retreat for City's stars to spend their summers when it is completed in 2010.

5 Other sporting interests for Hydra Properties include sponsoring Dubai sports television, a Costa Rican soccer team and the German Bundesliga. And they are building a football academy in Abu Dhabi with Italian giants Inter Milan. Al Fahim himself already has one big role in the sporting world - he is President of the UAE Chess Association.

6 Dr Al Fahim is a rising star in the Arab World, moving up 61 places on Arabian Power's list of the 100 Most Powerful Arabs this year to be ranked 16th this year.

7 TV show 'The Hydra Executives' is behind Al Fahim's leap up the rankings as he is the show's founder and host. He plays the Sir Alan Sugar figure in an Apprentice style show which pitches eight Americans against eight Brits in the UAE property business. The winner receives $1million backing for their business venture. See him in action here:

8 He is not shy of publicity and has been snapped at premieres alongside the likes of Pamela Anderson and Demi Moore, and he discussed green issues over lunch with Leonardo Di Caprio.

9 Al Fahim's approach to business: "You have to do what you believe is right, even if everyone else tells you it is wrong. I said that as a company we would be unique, and everyone said you can't be unique in property development. If you try, you will fail. Well, we are unique and we are successful."

10 He won the Visionary Award at the Middle East CEO 2007 Awards and will surely have a vision for his latest Premier League football club.


Board of Directors

​Dr Sulaiman Al Fahim
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Tarik Saeed Ghandi
Board Member

Abdullah Mohammed Mustafa
Board Member

Hani Sadiq
Board Member

Malik Ahmed Al Saeed
Investment Director

Saleh Abdul
Chief Financial Officer