Crean soup

Canned Fruit

Canned fish

Canned vegetables and pulses

Tea and coffee

Nuts and dried fruit, crisps

Biscuits, Biscottes and cereals

Milk products and margarine

Pasta, bread and flouer

Desserts and confectionery

Sugar, sweets and Cocoa



Olives and pickles

Salt and spices


Gluten-free foods

Rice and pulses

Christmas articles & parties

Sugar, sweets and Cocoa



We are distributors of more than 3000 hight quality Spanish food products.


Also we are distributors of Food Equipment of a very large, exclusive and professional range of commercial food equipment, catering, kitchen equipment, refrigeration, furniture, tableware and cookware which enables us to offer our customers unsurpassed value and quality



Our Group is composed by 14 Logistic Points and has vast experience in the food distribution business for the HORECA channel. Among our most important clients you will find top Catering multinational companies as well as international renowned hotel chain companies.


Thank to our Logistic Points and their geographical location, we are able to provide our clients with a local-level and logistical function that reaches all corners of the country, ensuring at the same time the same product, brand and price* to all centres and/or hotels of our clients.


We are constantly working to reach excellence in the service we provide. Transparency is a key element in all our relationsships with our clients.


Our Group in numbers:


- 13 Logistic Points nation wide.

- More than food 3.000 items.

- More than 300 distribution vehicles

- More than 600 employees between the Logistic Points and Head Office.

- More than 40 million euros in anual purchases for international clients.

- More than 24 million euros in sales to our national clients.